• 1-15oz can white beans, such as Great Northern, drained and rinsed
  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes, quartered or halved
  • 2.5 oz mozzarella cheese “pearls” or balls (ie. Belgioioso brand), quartered of halved
  • 1 clove garlic, finely minced
  • ¼ tsp Kosher salt
  • 1 dash black pepper
  • 2 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • ½ fresh lemon, juiced (~1.5 Tbsp)
  • 10 fresh basil leaves, chopped


Combine beans, tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic, and salt & pepper. Drizzle with olive oil, stir in the basil, and finish with fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Makes 6 servings
Serving Size: ½ cup


Calories 117
Fat 4.2g
Saturated Fat 1.8g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.3g
Monounsaturated Fat 1.9g
Cholesterol 9.3mg
Sodium 363mg
Potassium 337mg
Carbohydrate 13.5g
Fiber 4.1g
Sugar 2.3g
Protein 7.3g

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