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Medical Weight Loss

Have you been struggling with your weight for years? The medical weight loss program at UNC REX Bariatric Specialists is ready to help you to achieve sustained weight loss through patient-centered comprehensive care. Our focus is to use evidence-based individualized treatment approaches to improve each patients’ well-being, quality of life, and help them to achieve weight loss in the process.

Angela Lipscomb – Hudson, M.D.

Approach to Care:

  • On-going care with a board-certified obesity medicine specialist that will do a comprehensive medical evaluation to identify causes of excess weight including biology, medicines, environment, and behavior. Additionally, there will be individualized nutritional, behavioral, physical activity planning, and medication management to optimize health and weight loss.
  • Meet with a registered dietitian for a comprehensive nutritional assessment, dietary counseling and meal planning.
  • Behavioral health counseling if needed by our clinical psychologist.

Care Team:

  • Angela Lipscomb-Hudson, MD, who is board certified in Obesity Medicine
  • Clinton S. Bolton III, PhD, LPC, LPC-S, NCSS Clinical Psychologist
  • Dietitian

For Appointments, call 919-784-4160 or 919-784-7874; Fax 919-784-2801

Clinic Location at 4207 Lake Boone Trail, Raleigh, NC 27607

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