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Medical Weight Loss


Have you been struggling with your weight for years? The medical weight loss program at UNC REX Bariatric Specialists is ready to help you to achieve sustained weight loss through patient-centered comprehensive care. Our focus is to use evidence-based individualized treatment approaches to improve each patients’ well-being, quality of life, and help them to achieve weight loss in the process.

Angela Lipscomb – Hudson, M.D.


Medical weight loss is perfect for patients who have a BMI above 30. Patients who are overweight due to health conditions are candidates for medical weight loss. Patients who cannot effectively lose weight independently are excellent candidates.

Medical weight loss is a great option for patients who are not satisfied with the results they have achieved from diet and exercise alone. The best candidates are willing to commit to healthy lifestyle changes to achieve weight-loss results.


During your visit, we will discuss your weight-loss goals and previous attempts to lose weight. Tell us about your diet, exercise regimen, current medications, and any supplements being taken. Your medical records will be evaluated, and we will conduct a physical exam.

Depending on our evaluation, we will recommend the best option for achieving your weight-loss goals. We will be happy to answer questions and address any concerns.

Approach to Care:

  • On-going care with a board-certified obesity medicine specialist that will do a comprehensive medical evaluation to identify causes of excess weight including biology, medicines, environment, and behavior. Additionally, there will be individualized nutritional, behavioral, physical activity planning, and medication management to optimize health and weight loss.
  • Meet with a registered dietitian for a comprehensive nutritional assessment, dietary counseling and meal planning.
  • Behavioral health counseling if needed by our clinical psychologist.

Medical weight loss is a continuous treatment process to achieve significant and lasting results. The patient will be monitored closely, and the ways in which the patient’s body responds to the treatment plan will dictate any plan changes.


The cost of medical weight loss will depend on the treatment plan. The price of prescriptions, services, and facilities can impact the overall cost of the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does “Medical Weight Loss” Mean?

The term “medical weight loss” refers to the process of safely and effectively slimming down to a healthier you under the planning and guidance of a trained medical team. At Rex Bariatric Specialists, this can include a board-certified obesity medicine specialist, bariatric surgeon, registered dietitian, and/or behavioral health counselor.

Is Surgery Part of Medical Weight Loss?

It can be, but often isn’t. A large percentage of our patients do incredibly well under our non-surgical Path to Success™ program. If necessary, our weight loss surgeons are happy to sit down with you and discuss our different laparoscopic procedures.

What is the Path to Success™?

The Path to Success™ is our 12-week program designed to significantly alter your nutritional, behavioral, and exercise habits for the better. The exact steps of your plan will be curated and monitored by our medical staff to ensure a safe journey and lasting results.

Does Insurance Cover Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss can be covered by insurance, but you’ll need to contact your carrier to confirm eligibility. If your insurance does not approve your medical weight loss plan, we offer multiple self-pay options.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

The number of pounds you will need to lose to achieve your goal weight will depend on your current BMI and the professional recommendation of our staff. It is important to remember that medical weight loss, when done safely, is meant to be a continuous process rather than a quick fix.

How Do I Get Started?

To get on the right path to a healthier you, the first step is to contact Rex Bariatric Specialists today to schedule your initial consultation. That way, we can thoroughly evaluate your current symptoms, medications, behaviors, exercise regiment, and more to develop your customized treatment plan.

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