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Payment & Insurance for Bariatric Surgery

The dedicated team at REX Bariatric Specialists is here to help you find the best way to pay for bariatric surgery. We will help you:

  • Confirm your insurance coverage
  • Understand the documentation needed for your insurance plan
  • Submit an appeal if denied by insurance
  • Explore options for paying without insurance coverage
  • Understand your estimate of charges

The first step is qualifying medically. Read our guide to find out if you’re a candidate for bariatric surgery.

If you think you may be a candidate for surgery, call our staff today to schedule your free financial consultation.


You confirmed that you meet the medical qualifications for weight loss surgery, now what?

Next, we make sure your insurance plan covers bariatric surgery. Most insurance plans did not cover bariatric surgery even as little as ten years ago, but now, many do. Our team will help you find out if your plan covers bariatric surgery and the specific steps you may need to document medical necessity.

Insurance Review: Approved or Denied?

After you complete the pre-surgery testing process, and you submit your documentation, your insurance provider will review your application and send you an approval or denial letter. If your surgery is approved, we will contact you to schedule your surgery.

If you are denied, don’t lose hope! We will help you follow up with the insurance provider to clarify any questions or any reasons listed for denial.

No Insurance: Now What?

Let us help you understand your options for weight loss if:

  • Your insurance plan does not cover bariatric surgery or offers partial coverage
  • You do not medically qualify for bariatric surgery
  • You are covered by insurance, but cannot pay your out of pocket expenses
  • You have enough money to pay out of pocket, but are not covered or did not qualify

Self-Pay Options

If any of the statements above apply to you, you might be a candidate for a self-pay surgery program. We offer very competitive rates for self-pay surgery patients. Depending on the type of surgery, some of our procedures can be completed in our outpatient surgery center, reducing your costs.

Some insurance plans will cover the pre-surgical testing for bariatric surgery, even if they do not cover the surgery or hospital stay.

Expenses After Surgery

After your bariatric surgery, many changes will take place in your body:

  • Some patients have loose skin after losing a large amount of weight
  • You will process fewer nutrients and will need to take daily supplements
  • You will need lab work done regularly to check on your nutrition

Many insurance plans cover the lab work after your surgery. However, most insurance plans will not cover supplements or plastic surgery to remove excess skin.

Our bariatric store, located at our main Raleigh office, provides access to a variety of vitamins and supplements for your convenience. If your employer offers a healthcare flexible spending account, you can use that account to pay for supplements.

If you are interested in plastic surgery to remove excess skin, we can recommend a list of trusted local providers with experience in post-bariatric surgery skin reduction.

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