Payment & Insurance for Bariatric Surgery

When you have weight-loss surgery at Rex Bariatric Specialists in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, you can reduce the lifelong costs of treating medical conditions linked to obesity. Ask your insurance provider if your plan covers bariatric surgery, related tests and clinic visits. See our preorientation checklist and Medicare policy for more information.

Self-Pay Option

If your insurance plan doesn’t cover bariatric surgery, call our billing department at 919-784-7874 to discuss costs, and possible financial lending options. Ask your weight-loss surgeon if you qualify for our most affordable procedure, gastric sleeve surgery. Cost starts at $9,999.

Reduce Cost with Outpatient Weight-Loss Surgery

If you don’t have insurance coverage for bariatric surgery, talk to your surgeon about getting gastric sleeve or duodenal switch surgery on an outpatient basis. You’ll receive the same surgery, but stay in the outpatient surgery center—reducing the cost. Your surgical team will closely monitor your recovery beginning the next day.