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Rex Bariatric Fund Donation

Rex Bariatric Fund logoThe Rex Bariatric Fund’s mission is to help patients whose health and lives would be greatly improved by bariatric surgery, but whose financial circumstances preclude them from taking full advantage of the excellent care provided by the Practice. Eligibility for support from the Fund is in the discretion of the Practice’s experienced surgeons, taking into consideration a patient’s financial need, available insurance, potential for a successful outcome and other mitigating or extenuating factors.

Help patients and families as they take back their lives. Donate Now!

Your gift to the Rex Bariatric Fund provides financial assistance to patients who have decided to change their lives through bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery is a lifelong commitment to change. The challenges do not stop when the incisions heal. Many patients and their families will face financial hardships at one time or another during this process, including unpaid leave from work, transportation to appointments and support groups, cost of protein and vitamins. For some patients, the financial stress can cause them to stop taking necessary medications, eating appropriate foods or exercising.

When you give to the Fund, your gift may help some of our patients overcome these financial hardships, giving them a better opportunity for success. Your gift helps provide transportation as well as:
  • Bariatric vitamins and supplements
  • Protein to help patients stay strong and functional
  • Professional speakers whose advice enhances patients’ lives, helps them stay on track and focuses them on getting healthy.

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