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Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

When preparing for bariatric surgery in Raleigh at REX Bariatric Specialists, it’s best to follow our comprehensive preparation process. We offer the most thorough program in the Wake County area to ensure optimal results from your weight-loss surgery.

Free Weight-Loss Surgery Seminar

Attend a free in-person informational seminar or watch a video seminar for an overview of the bariatric surgery process, treatment options and expected results. Choose the in-person seminar for an opportunity to meet the weight-loss surgeons, ask them questions and get answers.

Orientation/Nutrition Class

After the informational seminar, you will take our Orientation/Nutrition Class. A registered dietitian leads this small-group, three-session event. You’ll explore:

  • How to eat healthily before and after surgery
  • Find out more about the surgical process
  • Review common insurance requirements and coverage

Prepare for this class by reviewing the steps that our preorientation checklist explains.

Also, look forward to personal nutrition counseling, in which you’ll receive a weight-loss plan tailored to you.

Weight Loss Surgery Education Classes

Attend at least two free weight-loss surgery education classes to prepare for lifestyle changes. These specialized classes are designed to aid in your weight-loss journey.

Initial Consultation

Make a one-on-one appointment with a bariatric surgeon, who will get to know you, your weight-loss challenges and goals, and your medical history. You’ll learn about whether you qualify for surgery, and you can also ask questions regarding price, the recovery process, and more.

Psychological Consultation

Part of preparing for bariatric surgery is meeting with our licensed psychologists for guidance to make positive changes that support health and weight loss. You’ll get help addressing any mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. And you can expect to learn the role that environment, motivation and emotions play in your success.

Decision Visit for Weight-Loss Surgery

After completing the pre-orientation check list above and meeting the qualifications of your insurance company, you’ll meet with our surgeons to make a decision about surgical weight-loss treatment. We’ll recommend a path forward based on factors such as your:

Patient Forms & Payment Information

If you’re preparing for bariatric surgery in Raleigh, you’ll find it helpful to explore our patient information page. Here, you’ll find forms and documents to review before surgery. You can also visit our payment & insurance page to learn more about the cost of the procedure, including the insurance process and payment options.

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