Getting Started

Attend an Informational Seminar

Our surgeons lead a weekly meeting to educate prospective patients about obesity and its serious health consequences. We explain surgical weight loss, inform you of the reasonable expectations for each procedure as well as their risks, and discuss the keys to success.

Initial Consultation

After attending our informational seminar, we invite you to schedule an appointment to meet our bariatric surgeons. This visit gives us an opportunity to better understand your individual health challenges, learn about your weight loss goals, and privately answer your questions.

During this appointment, we review your medical and surgical history and perform a physical examination. We also make any necessary referrals to complete your evaluation (e.g. cardiologist, pulmonologist, sleep disorder specialist, or gastroenterologist). We want to determine that surgery is safe and appropriate for you.

Metabolic and Nutritional Counseling

All patients require metabolic and nutrition counseling with our bariatric dietician. This allows us to measure your food intake, calculate your metabolic rate, and develop an individualized weight loss plan for you. Our program emphasizes patient education and lifestyle change as the key to success. This means incorporating healthy eating habits.

Consultation with a Psychologist

We refer you for pre-operative evaluation and clearance by a licensed clinical psychologist. This helps us to identify any emotional barriers to healthy weight loss, such as untreated depression, anxiety, or eating disorders. More importantly, this allows us to meaningfully address any behaviors that lead to unhealthy eating.

Decision Visit

Once you complete our evaluation process, we meet with you to decide on surgery. We base our recommendation on many factors, including motivation, weight loss goals, coping skills, surgical risks, and personal choice. We discuss your preference for specific procedures and offer our experience in helping you make a decision. Ideally, we want to reduce your surgical risk and optimize your chances for success.

Insurance Authorization

After your decision visit, we submit for pre-authorization. Once approved, we schedule surgery at your earliest convenience. Please recognize that as every patient and insurance plan differs, the amount of time to complete evaluation and obtain authorization also varies. Our primary goal is safety, preparation, and education, but we respect our patients desire for prompt service. Our bariatric surgeons and staff look forward to leading you through this journey to assure satisfaction and success.