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Bariatric Surgery Options

Find the right surgical weight-loss procedure for you at REX Bariatric Specialists in Raleigh, Cary, Garner, Holly Springs and Wakefield, North Carolina. As part of our surgical preparation process, you’ll meet one-on-one with a bariatric surgeon to discuss your goals, health and treatment options. Trust the guidance of our doctors, who perform hundreds of bariatric surgeries annually and have the experience to recommend the best Bariatric Surgery procedure for you.

Types of Weight-Loss Surgery

All bariatric procedures make your stomach smaller so you feel full after eating less food. Consider one of these types of surgery:

Each of our surgeons performs a particular procedure the same way as the other surgeons. So you can trust you’ll receive an equally high level of care no matter which bariatric doctor you work with.


Cannot say enough positive about this group. I’ve been a patient of theirs for two years now. The excellent physicians are involved and motivating before and after surgery. The dietitians are very knowledgeable and always available for my many questions. The office staff is ALWAYS friendly and efficient. I recommend them highly.

Revisional Weight-Loss Surgery

If you follow your recovery plan and make required lifestyle changes after surgery, you’ll likely experience the best possible long-term outcome. But if you still regain a lot of weight after having a bariatric procedure, ask your surgeon about revisional surgery. Together, you can explore options for follow-up treatment to help you lose more weight.

Remove a Gastric Band

Talk to us if you had Lap-Band surgery and would like to try a different bariatric surgical approach. We can remove the band and perform a minimally invasive sleeve gastrectomy (partial stomach removal) at the same time to help you lose weight more successfully.

Reduce Cost with Outpatient Bariatric Surgery

If your insurance plan doesn’t cover bariatric surgery, ask your surgeon if you qualify to receive gastric sleeve or SIPS surgery on an outpatient basis. You’ll get the same surgery, but stay in the hospital for less time—reducing the cost. Your surgical team will closely monitor your recovery beginning the next day.

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