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Preorientation Checklist for Bariatric Surgery

The Orientation/Nutrition Class is the next step towards weight-loss surgery with REX Bariatric Specialists. Please arrive on time so that you hear the entire presentation. Classes take place each Wednesday at 7:45am, 10:30am and 1:30pm. If you arrive late, we will ask you to reschedule, so allow extra travel time due to high traffic volume.


What to Bring to Orientation/Nutrition Class for Bariatric Surgery

  • Completed registration paperwork (from education seminar folder, mailed folder, or printed PDF
  • Report of any lab work completed in the last two months
  • Gastroenterology studies (such as an upper endoscopy or upper GI study)
  • Any sleep study reports
  • Gallbladder ultrasound reports
  • Any cardiology reports or consultations (if relevant)


What to Do Before Orientation/Nutrition Class for Bariatric Surgery

Call your insurance company and confirm that your insurance plan covers bariatric surgery and nutrition services. Give your insurance provider the following codes:

  • 43644: Laparoscopic roux-en-y gastric bypass
  • 43775: Laparoscopic gastric sleeve
  • 43659: Laparoscopic duodenal switch (Some insurance plans cover this surgery only if your BMI is 50 or above.)
  • 43999: SADI-S
  • 97804: Group nutrition classes
  • 97803: One-on-one nutrition counseling


Financial Information

  • Expect to pay your co-pay at check-in.
  • If your insurance plan requires referral from your primary care physician, you must request this referral prior to your appointment. Without a referral, your visit is considered self-pay.
  • Pay all account balances, remaining deductibles, and co-insurance amounts in full prior scheduling surgery. Learn about payment and insurance.
  • If you have Medicare, review our Medicare policy.

REX Bariatric Specialists serves all of North Carolina, providing specialty care in weight loss surgery. Our offices locations include Raleigh, Wake Forest, Garner, and Cary. We reach patients throughout the region by telemedicine, from Wilmington, Greenville, Charlotte and beyond as a destination center for bariatric surgery.

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