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Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch

The biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch is the most effective surgery for treating super obesity and Type 2 diabetes. The operation involves creating a sleeved stomach attached to an intestinal bypass. With this operation, the average patient loses 75 to 85 percent of excess weight and rates of diabetes remission exceed 90 percent.

You’ll be in good hands with our expert weight-loss surgeons. We specialize in laparoscopy, also called minimally invasive surgery. We offer the longest and largest experience in laparoscopic fully stapled duodenal switch in the nation. In fact, our surgeons are nationally recognized leaders, publishing, teaching, and developing the latest bariatric surgery techniques.

specialty care in weight loss surgery. Our offices locations include Raleigh, Wake Forest, Garner, Cary and Holly Springs. We reach patients throughout the region by telemedicine, from Wilmington, Greenville, Charlotte and beyond as a destination center for bariatric surgery.

How Duodenal Switch Surgery Works

To perform duodenal switch surgery, a doctor makes several small incisions in your abdomen. The surgeon then inserts small tools to remove about 80 percent of your stomach, just as in sleeve gastrectomy, to make you feel full after eating less food.

Next, the surgeon connects the stomach directly to the last part of the small intestine, bypassing the intestine’s first part (duodenum). This step decreases the amount of calories, protein and fat your body absorbs. Duodenal switch also affects your gut hormones in a way that can make you feel hungry less often.

Ask your surgeon about a modified procedure called single-anastomosis duodenal switch. This approach which lets your body absorb more nutrients than standard duodenal switch treatment.

Because any duodenal switch procedure uses only small incisions, you’ll notice minimal scarring.


I LOVE Rex! I’ve been a patient since 2015 and I highly recommend Rex. I feel educated, understood and taken care of. Most importantly to me – I’ve never felt like I was being treated a certain way because of my size at Rex. Do yourself a favor and come to Rex! Ask for Dr. Bermudez 🙂

What to Expect After Surgery

Take bariatric vitamins and make other required lifestyle changes after surgery to help your body stay healthy. Make meal planning easier with our bariatric recipes.

You may face a higher risk of complications from duodenal switch surgery than from some other weight-loss operations. But you can entrust your safety to the fellowship-trained surgeons at REX Bariatric Specialists. They’ve completed hundreds of successful bariatric surgery procedures with very low complication rates and are the best choice for your procedure.

Support for Your Journey

Find out if you qualify for bariatric surgery treatments, including Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch, to improve many health problems linked to obesity.

Then, discover how you benefit from REX Bariatric Specialists’ thorough preparation for surgery and support during recovery.

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