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SIPS (Stomach Intestine Pylorus Sparing) Raleigh

Conveniently located to serve Raleigh, Cary, Garner and Holly Springs, NC

Also known as the Single Anastomosis Duodenal Switch, the SIPS procedure is a modification of the traditional Duodenal Switch (DS) such that the level of malabsorption is decreased. There is limited outcomes data with this procedure, but the data suggests lower risks of vitamin deficiencies than the traditional DS. The trade-off for this less aggressive surgery is likely to be less robust weight loss long term. Vitamin supplementation requirements are the same as the traditional duodenal switch.

The specific differences with the SIPS procedure compared to the traditional DS are that there is a single connection of a small intestine loop to the divided duodenum, rather than a Roux-en-Y connection of the small bowel which diverts the flow of bile and digestive enzymes further along the intestine. The loop connection of the SIPS procedure allows more time for contact between the food and the bile/digestive enzymes allowing for more absorption of calories and potentially vitamins.

Insurance coverage of this procedure in our area is limited, but this procedure is a self-pay option that we perform at an outpatient surgery center at reduced costs.

Traditional Duodenal Switch

Single Anastomosis DS (SIPS)

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Dr. Sharp, Dr. Ng and all of the staff are amazing! I completely trust them with my care. The surgeons are very knowledgeable and they will continue to follow you closely after surgery to make sure you are meeting your goals and healing properly. I really enjoyed the education and dietician classes prior to surgery. It prepared me for a healthier lifestyle in the long run. I highly recommend this practice.

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