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YOU 2021

Led By: Dr. Bolton and Krista Herrell, RN

Course Theme:

YOU 2021 is a 4-week VIRTUAL COURSE that will provide participants with the tools to be successful in life. The focus will be on all aspects of YOU so that YOU can achieve all your goals in a healthy manner. This class is open to ALL Patients (Pre-Operative, Post-Operative, and Medical Weight Loss Program).

Course Offering:

Course will be offered various times throughout the year. Dates will be announced in the Monthly Newsletter.

Course Sign-Up and Cost:

All interested patients must pre-register for the monthly course in order to secure your spot and verify insurance benefits. Please note, most private insurance carriers are reimbursing for telehealth services due to COVID-19. Course will be offered as a specialty group and can be billed through your insurance network or for the out-of-pocket price. Space is limited and only 20 patients will be able to be a part of each monthly group.

Please contact Donna Scott at (919) 784-7874 to reserve your spot for this journey into YOU!

Class Outline

Class 1:

Where are YOU? – Participants will complete a Personal Health Inventory and gather information that helps them to assess where they are in their journey of Personal Wellness and Success.

Class 2:

Where do YOU want to be? – Participants will learn how to set goals that include mindfulness, self-care, and self-compassion that aid in success.

Class 3:

What are YOU doing? – Participants will engage in strategies to actively develop plans for their goals and put into action their vision for their lives.

Class 4:

Where are YOU now? – Participants will assess where they are in relation to their goals and develop strategies to maintain the success they have already achieved

Virtual Course Dates via UNC WEBEX (All Classes start @ 5:00pm but virtual check in is at 4:45):

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