Did YOU know that March is National Nutrition Month? What we eat plays such a big role in our lives. Eating provides us with the nutrition we need in order to maintain our lives and is a determining factor in how we are able to function. Eating is a behavior that all of us engage in on a daily basis; however, we don’t fully appreciate how complex the process of eating is. Eating is multifaceted and involves our thoughts and our emotions. How we eat is often a sign of how we are feeling and what we are thinking in our minds. In order to help enhance our eating, mindfulness is an important tool. In order to be a mindful eater, YOU must engage your brain in the entire eating process so that YOU can identify your thoughts and feelings as YOU are eating. Next time YOU eat, ask yourself what YOU are feeling and what YOU are thinking while YOU are eating. YOU will be surprised to recognize how eating awareness increases as YOU engage in mindfulness.