Giving up is something that we have all done in our lives. When we give up, there are times where we can feel defeated and overwhelmed. Moreover, it can rob us from the

confidence we need to get back on track and start over. I realized that starting over can be empowering but also exhausting. In reflecting on this, I had to figure out a way to not have to start over anymore. I had to boldly tell myself, “STOP GIVING UP!”. If YOU are tired of having to start over, challenge yourself to not give up. Many of us have tried diets, gyms, personal training, budgets, and many other things in an effort to reach our goals. The biggest problem is that we expect results quickly without being 100% committed. Then we try and start over and over which begins to eat at our motivation. To change this, write down your areas of weakness and strategize a solution YOU can commit to. If YOU fully commit, YOU never have to start over. Commit to YOU!