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Monthly Mental Health Blog

Mental Health Post – June 2020

For many of us, 2020 has brought a level of uncertainty we have never experienced. During this time, anxiety levels can begin to increase due to the fear of the unknown. If you are experiencing any heightened levels of anxiety, try the following tips: 1. Develop a daily routine that allows structure to your day. […]

Mental Health Post – May 2020

COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways. This unusual time can cause high levels of anxiety because there is so much that is unknown. The uncertainty can lead to high levels of anxiety in many. Here are some tips to managing anxiety during this current pandemic. 1. Never say “I am stuck inside”. Instead […]

Mental Health Post – April 2020

Giving up is something that we have all done in our lives. When we give up, there are times where we can feel defeated and overwhelmed. Moreover, it can rob us from the confidence we need to get back on track and start over. I realized that starting over can be empowering but also exhausting. […]

Mental Health Post – March 2020

Did YOU know that March is National Nutrition Month? What we eat plays such a big role in our lives. Eating provides us with the nutrition we need in order to maintain our lives and is a determining factor in how we are able to function. Eating is a behavior that all of us engage […]

Mental Health Post – Feb. 2020

Research within positive psychology suggests that individuals who think positively tend to have an advantage in life over individuals who consider themselves pessimistic. Our mindset has an impact on our perceptions of everything we deal with in life. Because our lives are so complex, negative and positive thoughts can have a domino effect on everything […]

Mental Health Post – Jan. 2020

WE MADE IT!!!! 2020 is upon us and a new decade has emerged! Many people start the New Year out with New Year’s Resolutions. Many argue that having a resolution is futile and most people forget about it after January. Although this may be true for some, it is still important to capitalize on the […]

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